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MOTO Urban Pedal - Purism and functionality

We bike to work, to concerts, to beaches, to bars, to the market. We refuse to wear technical looking biking shoes to meet up with friends in a café. We feel that pedals should never smack people shins because their shoe slipped. We ride in leather shoes, in high heel, barefoot or in sneakers. We believe in simple, smart design with unwavering quality.

Conventional pedals are full of negative space that could be used for additional traction. Flat, thin and closed pedals offers maximum grip and power to their drivetrain with added comfort. We rethought the axle and developed an entirely new pedal, made of European manufactured parts from high grade materials. We worked with German aeronautical engineers to achieve of vision of a robust system with as few parts as possible.

In collaboration with aerospace engineers, within four years now an extraordinary pedal has been created that not only meets all requirements for safety and optimal power transmission, but also convinces with its slim and extremely appealing design.